Parish Letter


Dear All

And so a new month arrives and with it a new contributor to the Parish Magazine. I feel honoured to be composing our letter and I look forward to positive comments from my readers. Actually a review rating of ‘only slightly below average’ would be fine. I am easily pleased! Can I also say good luck and farewell to Chrissy. It was wonderful to see so many at her final service at Felliscliffe and thanks also to all who assisted with the buffet and presentation afterwards.

And now (assuming we all survived the 31st October—and I don’t just mean Halloween) we can welcome in November, a period during which we will come together to reflect and remember and be grateful to others. During our services of Remembrance we can offer up, as a community, our private thoughts and prayers to all who fought, lived and died to deliver the course of good and the freedoms that we enjoy today.

We are now in our first full month of ‘vacancy’ and I admit to having initial feelings akin to drifting aimlessly in no particular direction now things have changed. This surge of uncertainty has quickly faded and positivity now reigns. I feel our Benefice elements (always supportive and a great team) are already stronger together to deal with whatever issues around our situation may occur.

In my mind the name of this game is ‘keep doors and avenues open’ and I say in advance ‘Well Done’ to our ‘Team Benefice’ as we move ahead through this period of time.

God bless you all
Robbie Walker

Verger Killinghall

Greater love has no one than this: that he can lay down his life for his friends

John 15:13