Parish Letter


Dear All,

A very Happy Easter to you!

Depending on when you are reading this, I hope you either have or have had a good Easter.  But what is a good Easter?

As a child, a good Easter was one during which we were able to go down to the Kent coast where we had a caravan and spend the Easter hols with all our friends and families.  The site didn’t open until 31st March, so the date of Easter was always greatly anticipated.  Ideally, the sun would shine, we would enjoy the traditions which included hot cross buns on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday,  Easter eggs and a roast dinner.

Easter was a turning point in our year: the beginning of weekends and holidays at the seaside; the sense that winter was over, spring had sprung and longer days lay ahead. It was a time of abundance and of new life in the countryside around us.  I’m not sure how closely we related our experience to matters of faith, but it was a significant time for us and we felt all the better for it.

Nowadays, Easter still holds all the anticipation and joy of many of the elements above for me but is so much more than that.  To know that Jesus’ death and resurrection happened so that we may have eternal life with God the Father and so that we will always be forgiven our sins, if we truly repent, is such an undeserved blessing that it is quite overwhelming to contemplate.  Such love, such hope, can carry us through and sustain us no matter what stage of life we are at, no matter what we are currently going through, no matter what we anticipate on the road ahead of us.

I am always encouraged to remember that the word ‘good’ comes from the word God and has all the resonances of the characteristics of God.  I really do hope that you have a good Easter.

With every blessing,


Rev Chrissy Wilson