Parish Letter


Dear All,

It’s Harvest time again!  Actually, to be factually accurate, it’s Harvest Festival time in our Churches. The agricultural Harvest tends to take place much earlier in the year nowadays but we celebrate the God given bounty of nature in Church as we come into October.

So what is in store for us this year?  At Killinghall, we are holding our Harvest Supper in Church on Saturday 7th October, with a concert by the Village Voices (details in magazine).  At Hampsthwaite, we are repeating our very popular Harvest Lunch, straight after the Harvest service in Church on Sunday 8th October (Harvest Festival services in both Churches are on Sunday 8th).  Everyone is welcome.

What we are celebrating is not just the wonderful bounty of God’s creation in terms of providing food, incredible as that is, but the capacity to enhance other people’s lives through our own creativity and relationships.  We know how blessed we are to live in peaceful, beautiful surroundings, to have homes, friends and families, food on the table each day, and our freedom to worship without fear.  But we also know that this isn’t the case for far too many people near and far, at home and abroad.  Far from ignoring their plight we are thanking God that, through our own sheer good fortune, we are able to reach out and bless others who do not have all that we do.

All of the produce so generously brought to Church for Harvest will be distributed to those in need, both in our own villages, and to Harrogate Homeless, the charity who do so much for those who find themselves on the streets.  Please bring whatever you can to support them – there will be a special time during our Sunday Harvest Festival services to offer these gifts.

We continue to pray for those across the world who are without water, food, homes or livelihoods and we reach out to them, each as we are able, financially, by our commitment to charitable giving.  Good stewardship of products, services and finance at home, in Church and across our world, ought to result in an end to such poverty.  That is our hope, our prayer and our goal as Christians this Harvest time.

With every blessing,

Rev Chrissy Wilson