Parish Letter


Dear Friends,

I hope that all is well with you today.

I hope that the spate of terror attacks that took place just prior to my writing this have been thwarted and that we are all able to go about our daily lives feeling confident of our safety.

I hope that our Government has now been settled and that we have clear, strong, leadership in place which will seek to address not only peace in this nation, but also abroad.

I hope that as you read this, the weather has been good to us and that you are enjoying our British summertime.

I hope that over this summer you will find time for some rest and relaxation, for some leisure activities, for some exercise, for some happy times with good friends and families.

Hope is in my heart as I write this letter in early June, when we are reeling from the terror attacks in our country and across our world.  When the snap General Election results have yielded uncertainty and concern.  When the rain hammers down day after day.  When the holiday season has not yet begun.

Sometimes, hope is all we have, particularly in distressing or difficult circumstances.  Hope can inspire us and enable us to face the future when experience tells us otherwise.  Hope is the virtue which helps us to remain faithful when things seem bleak.  Hope is at the heart of our Christian faith, which, together with love, St Paul tells us are the greatest of all virtues.  Hope, when offered from one person to another, is comforting, reassuring, rejuvenating, inspiring even.  We are given hope in Jesus Christ.

I hope for all the above and that you have a wonderful summer.

With every blessing,


Reverend Chrissy Wilson


Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.

(Romans 12.12)